FROM THE BRAIN OF BRIAN December 11, 201

For those of you who haven’t seen my latest post on my Facebook author page or didn’t get tagged with it on Facebook, here it is for the first time.  For those of who haven’t read War Paint I think it’s an even better “trailer”, description, whatever than previous ones.

A young troublemaking surfer turned sailor, a paranoid mentally unstable fleet admiral, an unorthodox destroyer captain, a Vietnamese fighter determined to seek revenge, enemy boats armed with ship killing missiles, a proud aging warship and her crew. These are the components on a collision course in WAR PAINT, a recent novel by navy Vietnam Veteran Brian Lehman. Set in in the historical reality of 1972 as the fading war in Vietnam suddenly reignites. Treachery, suspense, humor, ironic crazy events of war, revenge, unexpected heroism—it’s all here in WAR PAINT! (You should be hearing all this in that movie trailer guy’s voice. I can do his voice pretty damn good, but you can’t hear me right now, so…)
“It’s a terrific story, very imaginative… highly recommended.”
“…a story of war, betrayal and life changing courage.”
“…Hang on to your hats for the battle finale! My heart was racing – literally!”
“… Lehman spins a thrilling yarn about Tin Can Sailors in the waning months of the Vietnam War.”
Available online in hardcover, paperback and e-book at Amazon,B&N, Lulu and everywhere. More info at
10% of all proceeds are going to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington DC.


So for my blog readers who are wondering what leaked out of this fabulous cranium this time…it’s a small ornament or something.  My wife and I, in years past, have often sent out Christmas cards with our year-in-review letter and referred to them as the New Years cards and letters because we sent them out so late.  Not this time!  They just got mailed.  But, the trade off was we have not decorated out apartment yet.   I feel that I’m just your normal average fan of Christmas–maybe a little less.  I could take it or leave it.  My wife, on the other hand, is a big time fan and a little annoyed that we have not decorated yet, even though she’s glad the cards have been sent.  Here’s how big a Christmas fan she is.  If we are somewhere being tourists in, say, July, walking along a street full of shops, restaurants, bars, etc. and we happen to come upon one of those year round Christmas stores…WELL, that is akin to Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail!  Of course, this sends the rest of my expected day off the rails because we use up quite a span of time looking at everything in the store and invariably purchasing things we didn’t even know we wanted.   I try my best to keep a good attitude through all this, but, she knows me well and sees the telltale signs of annoyance.  But, as she says, if I wanted to live with someone who felt exactly like me about Christmas, I should’ve married a guy.  No thanks!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, etc. and Happy New Year to everyone!



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