FROM THE BRAIN OF BRIAN October 13, 2019

It’s been too long since I made an entry to my award winning blog.  I think my brain was clogged and maybe busy with other things, but some profound thoughts have worked their way to the surface, so here they are.


Health officials tell us flu season is starting up. YIPEE!  Which means it’s also flu shot season.  Another YIPEE?  No, I don’t think so.  So I went into my local pharmacy because the shots are free if you are on Medicare, and, well, I am.  I used to be younger but apparently that doesn’t last.

Anyway, I asked the pharmacist if any shot would do and she just looked at me with, you know, that look of “What stupid thing are you trying to say?”  I said well, “What if I just downed a tequila shot or two?  Would that work just as well as a flu shot?”

She laughed a little, hoping I was kidding.  I was, of course, and went ahead and got my flu shot and left.  But I started thinking.  Why is the word for a small glass of liquor the same word used sticking a needle into your skin and injecting something?  For that matter, it’s also the same word for firing a gun or getting hit with the bullet.  What kind of crazy language is this thing we know as English!?  And why is giving yourself an injection of drugs sometimes called shooting up?

Well, anyway, what if a tequila shot lasted as long as a flu shot?  One shot of Patron in October and you’d be good until the next tequila season rolled around the following autumn.  I imagine that would make tequila pretty damn expensive, unless just maybe, tequila shots would be free if you were on Medicare.  Now there’s an idea.

So anyway, I’m feeling a little bit lethargic with a touch of malaise after my flu shot, which the literature says is perfectly normal.  I think I’m going to see if a tequila shot will make me feel better.  I’ll probably have to pay for it though! YIPPEE!


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