I wasn’t going to add a new post for a couple more days, but I tripped and bumped my head and some more stuff fell out of my brain. So, the topic for today is TRIP.  You might be thinking, “That’s not a topic, it’s just a word.”  Nope, it’s the topic.

My last post was partially about my recent road trip.  Interestingly, you can be on a very short trip as in, “He just left on a trip to the bookstore to pick up the copy of War Paint he ordered, but he’ll be right back.” Or a much longer journey as in, “She just embarked on a three-week backpacking trip to Mongolia where she will likely be detained and questioned by the authorities for possibly being a spy.”  So the word trip can describe a quick visit to a store or a longer trek that could end up involving prison time.

But you can also trip over something and bump your head, encouraging you to over analyze simple words.  Or, you could stumble over something and break your elbow, causing you to make a trip to the emergency room and spending the next seven hours surrounded by coughing, sneezing and retching people exposing you to a variety of diseases.

People have been known to go on a trip after ingesting certain drugs or maybe mushrooms.  Ironically, in that kind of trip you don’t necessarily travel anywhere, except in your mind.  Although, you could be experiencing a drug induced trip while actually traveling, in which case you would be on a trip within a trip.

You could also trip a switch, which could be turning it on, as in “The burglar tripped the alarm when he broke the window.”  Or it could be turning it off, as in, “Plugging in the electric blanket to keep his pet alpaca warm tripped the circuit breaker and everything went dark.”

It’s even possible to trip someone up with a difficult or unexpected question.  For instance, if one of your three kids asked you, “Which one of us is your favorite?”  Or even worse, “What is the capital of Mongolia?”

Imagine the complications involved if someone who had been munching on psychedelic mushroom hopped on their bicycle to go to the store, got off their bike, stumbled over the curb and fell through the window setting off the alarm.  When the police showed up they might ask, “What the hell were you thinking?” Kind of trippy, huh?



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