Okay, I guess I lied in my last blog entry.  I’m about to leave on my road trip but my brain is full and needs to relieve some pressure.  I posted the following on my Brian the author Facebook page today, if you already read that, this is going to look very familiar.

I think it’s always interesting for writers to get questions about their creations.  Somebody asked me if all of the ships in my book War Paint were real life ships.  Interesting question I think.  It may be something that other people who have been reading the book or will be reading the book might wonder about, so here’s the answer.

The destroyer Rattano, where the main characters of the book are part of the crew, is a fictional name, but the type of destroyer is real.  It’s the same type of destroyer that’s pictured on the front cover.  Another destroyer in the story is the Holliner and that is also a fictional name of the same type of destroyer.  All of the other U.S. Navy ships in the story are real names of real ships that were fighting off the coast of Vietnam during the timeframe of the story or had been during previous years.

The prologue tells about the sinking of the Israeli destroyer Eilat.  That is a real event and the Eilat was the name of the ship.  As I stated in the prologue, this was the first time in history that a ship was sunk by missiles fired from another vessel.  That was 1967, just five years before the events in War Paint.  Throughout the book, the threat of those same missile boats drives much of the story.  Incidentally, the destroyer Higbee is bombed in the story–another actual even that took place at that time.

So, in case you were wondering about the ships in War Paint, now you know!  If any of you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments on my Facebook page Brian the author, or on on the blog page or email






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